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by Wolf Loescher & Mark Kenneth

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Glenlogie 04:31
There were four and twenty nobles sat doon in the king's ha' And bonnie Glenlogie was the flooer o’ them a' There was nine and nine nobles rade thro' Banchory fair And bonnie Glenlogie was the flooer o’ them there There was six and six ladies sat doon in the king's ha' Bonnie Jean o’ Bethelnie was the flooer o’ them a' Doon cam Jeannie Gordon, she cam tripping doon the stairs And she's favoured Glenlogie ower a' that was there Glenlogie, Glenlogie gin ye prove sae kind My love's laid upon you and I've told ye my mind He turned him roond lightly as the Gordons does a' I thank ye, Jeannie Gordon but I'm promised awa' She ca'd tae her maidens for tae make her a bed Wi’ ribbons and napkins tae tie up her head Then oot spak her faither, and a wise man was he I'll wed ye tae Dumfendrum, he's mair gowd than he Oh haud your tongue faither for that maunna be Gin I get me Glenlogie for him will I dee Then her faither's ain chaplain, a man o’ great skill He wrote a braw letter and indited it weel A pox on ye Logie, noo sin' it is so A lady's love is on ye must she die in her woe? A pox on ye Logie, noo sin' it is time A lady's love's laid on ye, must she die in her prime? When Glenlogie got the letter he being amang men It's oot spak Glenlogie what does young woman mean? When he looked on the letter a light lauch gied he But e'er he read ower a tear blint his e'e Gae saddle me the black horse, gae saddle me the broon Bonnie Jeannie o Bethelnie will be deid e'er I win But the horses werenae saddled nor led on the green Till bonnie Glenlogie was three mile his lane It was pale and wan was she when Glenlogie cam in But red and rosy grew she when she kent it was him Whaur lies your pain lady, does it lie in your side Whaur lies your pain lady, does it lie in your heid? Oh, na, na Glenlogie you're far frae the pairt The pain I lie under it lies in my heart Turn roond Jeannie Gordon, turn roon on your side And I'll be the bridegroom and ye'll be the bride Noo, Jeannie's gotten married and her tocher doon told Bonnie Jean o Bethelnie was scarce sixteen years auld Bethelnie, oh Bethelnie, ye shine whaur ye stand And the heather bells aroon ye shine ower Fyvie's land
It was in 1940, the last days of Spring We were sent to the Maginot line A fortress in France, built to halt the advance Of an army from a different time But we were soon overrun, out-thought and outgunned Pushed further back every day But we never believed high command would just leave us So we fought every step of the way 'Til the 51st Highlanders found themselves back On the banks of the Somme one more time It still bore the scars of that war to end wars The old soldier’s scars deep in their minds But we didn’t stay long for the Panzers rolled on As the battle raged west towards the sea Until on June the 10th when sapped of all strength We entered St. Valery CHORUS And all I recall is the last boat leaving My brother on board waving and calling to me And the Jocks stranded there wi’ his hands in the air On the beaches of St. Valery So I huddled all night in a hammered old house As the shells and the bullets rained down ‘Til just before dawn our hopes were still strong For we moved to the beach from the town But the boat that had left on the day we arrived Was the last one that we’d ever see An’ with no ammo or food we had done all we could So we surrendered at St. Valery When I returned at the end of the war From the Stalag where I’d been confined I read of the battles the allies had fought Stalingrad, Alamein, and the Rhine And with pride in their hearts people spoke of Dunkirk Where defeat had become victory But nobody mentioned that Highland Division They’d never heard of St.Valery No stories no statues for those that were killed No honors for those who were gone Just a deep sense of shame as though we were to blame Though I knew in my heart we were not So I’ve moved to a country I’ve come to call home But my homeland lies far o’er the sea I will never return while my memory still burns On the beaches of St. Valery
A miner's life is like a sailor’s On board a ship to cross the waves Every day his life's in danger Many ventures being brave Watch the rocks, they're falling daily Careless miners always fail Keep your hand upon your wages And your eye upon the scale CHORUS Union miners, stand together Do not heed the Coal Board's tale Keep your hand upon your wages And your eye upon the scale You've been docked and docked again, boys You've been loading three for one What's the use in all your working When your mining days are done? Worn out shoes and worn miners Blackened lungs and faces pale Oh keep your hand upon your wages And your eye upon the scale In conclusion, bear in memory Keep this password in your mind Worker's strength cannot be broken When unions be combined Stand up tall and stand together Victory! You shall prevail Keep your hands upon your wages And your eye upon the scale
I'll walk the miles from Ballintoy No shining moon to light my way Across the fields of Larrybane And the rope bridge where my love waits The fishermen lie in their beds The salmon spawn in Moyle's blue sea And you lie there upon the grass Waiting for me on Carrick-a-rede CHORUS One step and two, hold tight, let go Twenty and four, hold tight, let go I'm nearly there, let go, let go I will find you where you lie And steal in soft under your coat We will tell our stories, love And sing our songs out, every note Your sweet kiss will bring the rest Your mouth on my mouth, wave on wave We will meet the sea's loud roar No better way to cheat the grave
Rigs o' Rye 03:48
‘Twas in the month o' sweet July Before the sun had pierced the sky 'Twas in between the rigs o' rye I heard twa lovers talking The lad said, “Lassie I must away I have no longer time to stay But I've a word or two tae say Gin ye time tae tarry Your faither o' ye taks great care Your mother combs doon your yellow hair But your sisters say that ye'll get nae share If ye go wi' me, a stranger” “Let my faither fret, let my mother frown My sisters words I do disown Tho' they were deid and below the ground I would go wi' you, a stranger” The lad says, “Lassie, your fortune's small And maybe it will be nane at all You're no a match for me at all Go and waste your love on another” Now the lassie's courage began to fail Her rosy cheeks they grew wan and pale And the tears came trickling doon like hail Or a heavy shower in summer He's ta’en his handkerchief linen fine He's dried her tears and he's kissed her een Saying lassie, lassie ye shall be mine For I said it all to try ye This laddie being o' courage bold A laddie scarce nineteen years old He's ranged the hills and the valleys all And he's ta'en his lassie wi him
Mother Carey 03:03
As late I went a-walking, a-walking by the sea I thought I heard men talking, I heard them call to me Oh, sorrow take the city streets, the weary city stones 'Tis time for you to leave them while the strength is in your bones Shake her and wake her Johnny, there's the ship for you Lying in the Royal Roads waiting for a crew And every brace and backstay is singing soft and low Mother Carey wants us and we're all bound to go CHORUS For we're all bound to go, Johnny, all bound to go If it's late or early, lads, if you will or no Sure as sun do rise, Johnny, sure as tides do flow When Mother Carey wants us then we're all bound to go As late I went a-walking, a-walking by the shore I thought of ports I'd like to see I hadn't seen before Across the strait the lighthouse kept winking fine and free To show me where the road is that leads to open sea Shake her and wake her, Johnny, yonder there she rides Lying in the Royal Roads swinging at the tides Singing to the muttering tides that past her cables flow Mother Carey wants us and we're all bound to go As late I went a-walking, a-walking' by the tide I thought my love was with me and walking by my side So kind she did reproach me, so soft her eyes did shine Yet could not hold beside her this restless heart of mine Shake her and wake her, Johnny, can't you hear them calling Out across the Royal Roads and the dusk a-falling Time and tide for me to leave you, though I love you so Mother Carey wants us and we're all bound to go
Once there was a shepherd lad Kept sheep upon the hill An he's laid his pipe and his crook aside And there he's slept his fill He woke up on a riverbank On a fine May morning And there he spied a lady Swimming in the clothes that she was born in So he raised his head from his green bed And he approached the maid "Put on your clothes, my dear," he says "And do not be afraid It's fitter for a lady fair To sew a silken seam Than to rise on a fair May morning And swim against the stream." "Well if you'll not touch my mantle And you'll leave my clothes alone Then I'll give you all the money, sir That you can carry home." "I'll not touch your mantle And I'll leave your clothes alone But I'll take you out of the clear water My dear, to be my own." So he's taken her out of the clear water And he's held her in his arms "Put on your clothes, my dear," he says "And hide your bounteous charms." He's put her on a milk white steed Himself upon another And it's all along the way they rode Like sister and like brother She rode up to her father's gate And on the door she knocked And ready stood a porter there And he the door unlocked When the gates were opened It's so nimbly she stepped in She said, "Kind sir, you are a fool without And I'm a maid within." "So fare you well, my modest boy I thank you for your care But had you done as you desired I'd never have left you there I will sew no silken seam On a fine May morning You can bide your time 'till your time runs out So take this as fair warning."


Scottish style folk and roll featuring Irish bouzouki and accordion.


released March 1, 2022

Wolf Loescher – Vocals, Bouzouki, Guitar, Percussion
Mark Kenneth – Accordion, MIDI Bass

Original recording 2009 by Wolf Loescher and Mark Kenneth
Additional recording 2021-2022 by Wolf Loescher and Mark Kenneth
Mixed & Mastered 2021-2022 by Scooter Muse, Saddell Abbey Studio
Produced by Wolf Loescher, Off Hand Productions

Photos by Jay Ford (external) and Vicki Farmer (internal)
Graphic Design by Tony Horning

© 2022 Off Hand Productions. All Rights Reserved.


all rights reserved



Wolf Loescher Longmont, Colorado

"...a singer and musician who has learned his trade the right way – by old-fashioned touring, winning over audiences by skill, sheer commitment and force of personality.”
- Brian McNeill

Wolf Loescher is a singer / storyteller based in Longmont, CO. He sings songs and tells stories from the Old World and the New, accompanying himself on his custom 8-string Irish bouzouki and percussion."
... more

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